Ubuntu karmic koala and Glassy bleu theme

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala 64bit.
I must say I’m impressed.
I also installed the HP glassy bleu theme, and it looks gourgeus.

Glassy Bleu Theme for Ubuntu Desktop, originally uploaded by Ced.

You can find it here:
Theme can be found here: http://hpmini.archive.canonical.com
How to get and install the galssy-bleu theme:
wget http://hpmini.archive.canonical.com/mie/dists/hardy-hpmini/universe/binary-lpia/glassy-bleu-theme_21_all.deb
and install it right away with :
sudo dpkg -i ./glassy-bleu-theme_21_all.deb.
There’s also a browser theme available here:
http://hpmini.archive.canonical.com/mie/dists/hardy-hpmini/universe/binary-lpia/glassy-bleu-browser-skin_0.5_all.deb:please note that at least on my case it was not supported by the latest firefox version.

Thanks to richs-lxh and K Hendrick for reporting it.