Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

took a little time to write about.  Pain takes time, and words are slow. For everyone who lived the computer revolution and watched mesmerized Macintosh products in shops, enough said.
Now people are excited and are repeating the old mantra. I wonder if they understand what they repeat.
I wonder if this excitement will last. I hope so.
I have no better words for  than the one found at I’ve read all sort of things about: saint today.  Everyone who followed Steve Jobs before the general excitement took place, knew  he was no saint, but a real man.
A man who made us dream like children

I see
America in decline:
a civilization unsure of itself,
adrift, confused, puffed up
with phony patriotism,
an empire run by number crunchers,
by MBAs & investment bankers
by quick-flippers & angel investors
who make nothing
who build nothing.
But you, Steve–
you flew in the face of that.
You were the one who invented,
who created,
who said no,
that’s not good enough,
go do it again.
Go make it amazing
& stop being such a whiny little bitch
because your kid is in a school play
& and you don’t want to work late.
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