Wi-fi for PowerPC powermac G5

I recently bought a PowerPC Powermac G5. I was very fond of this computer back in 2007, when for various reasons I could not afford it. Simply too much stuff for me!
Now I had it for a ridiculous price and got it back to life. A lot of RAM (DDR2 still come cheap these days), a new OS, some up-to-date apps. Of course the G5 didn’t have any Wifi card available, so I had to turn to the used market. There’s the standard Apple Airport card, but getting it is expensive, and I don’t want to spend a lot on this marvellous piece of hardware. Moreover I want to limit the direct tweaking inside the case as much as I can.

I found out that the D-Link N150 USB adapter (DWa-125 v.A3) works with my OS (PowerPC 10.5.8 Leopard) and comes easily cheap (15Euros).

DWA-125 on a PowerPC
DWA-125 on a PowerPC

Some words of warning: please don’t lose the enclosed driver CD. I was unable to find the PowerPC Mac drivers on the dlink site, or dlink FTP and I suspect there aren’t any. If you buy an used unit, please ask for the driver CD, even if it seems pointless. Or search for mac drivers before buying…(and tell me where you did find them).
Moreover, there’s still some glitch in the drivers. They don’t always connect automatically at boot. Sometimes they require going into System Preference and activate the chosen profile by hand.
Finally, if the Dwa-125 doesn’t come with mac drivers or doesn’t work with your PowerPC, please don’t held me responsible. I was just trying to help…

Other that that I didn’t have any issues. It’s an usb key, and will steal one of the precious USB ports available, but comes with a stand and can be easily placed anywhere. This is not an advertisement, I have not any Dlink  stocks  (Dlink, if you liked the advertisement and already  excused me for my bad post on your blowing stinky DI-624+, please feel free to donate some stock options).