HTC Cricket missing menu button and Taskos

I believe Taskos [] is a a great way to sync with Google Tasks. I usually suggest this to my customers when for any reasons they need to an  alternative to the otherwise excellent Gtasks [].
Taskos  has a clean and handy interface, and it’s usually quite bug-free. So I was quite surprised when one client I referred to Taskos went back  to me complaining that he could not find the Menu-settings on his HTC One SV (Cricket) [].
I must admit I was quite baffled when, I too, was not able to find the Settings Menu,  not a graphic button at least. What is it?
A quick google search confirmed my suspicion. The HTC One  HAS a menu button, and it’s in plain view.

Miss having a Menu button? []
So depending on your settings, digging in the Taskos menu is as simply as keeping the Recent apps button pressed.
HTC One SV (Cricket)
HTC One SV (Cricket) (image from

GTasks comes also in a premium flavour, for a little fee [].
Both Taskos and GTasks seem to have a good record when it comes to privacy, but if you have sensitive tasks, you may wish to reconsider granting any third-part app full access to you tasks list. Taskos has a clear stated Privacy policy (see here).
Disclosure: to date, I have no business with the Taskos team or with GTasks team.