Today, we made history·

12.11.2014: boldly bringing @philae2014 where no man-made object has been before.

Thank you @ESA_Rosetta for letting philae piggybacking and for waking up on time. Thank you @philae2014 for getting us a comet, no less! We are so proud!

Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t that romantic? People often say Engineering is aseptic. I beg to dissent. This is entirely what engineering is made of. It takes passion, creativity, competence. It takes nerves, and hearth.

Send two man-made objects hurtling down space, let them sleep for ten years, wake them up successfully from milions of miles afar. Catch a comet. Land on it. Send back wonderful images.
Been there, done that. Thanks.

Image from Rolis on Philae, 3km above the landing point
3k m above the landing point [source 1=”” language=”:”][/source]