A quick and dirty udevadm script

This script (very dirty) was handful to me to discover some parameters (e.g KERNELS) to differentiate on udev/rules.d rules similar devices on a physical usb port basis. It’s relased under the GNU General Public License and with no guaranties. Please read the Disclaimer. It needs of course udevadm and less. Syntax is: showdevicedetails.sh #!/bin/bash # … Leggi tutto

Enemy Territory Quake Wars sound works again on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

As I mentioned briefly before, on Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 /dev/dsp no longer works exist so you can’t simply solve problems with sound lagging behind ( the delay a pulseaudio issue) while playing on ETQW specifying OSS devices at game start with set s_driver oss. The et-sdl-sound trick by  Nullkey.ath.cx won’t work with ETQW, there’s no … Leggi tutto

Nvidia proprietary legacy drivers and Ubuntu: go to 96.43.19

Upgrading to 10.10 broke the nvidia-96 drivers on my tc1100 tablet with the error: dlopen: /usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so: undefined symbol: miEmptyData. during Xorg startup.  Unfortunately I have to stick to nvidia-96 (legacy drivers) as my tablet has an nVidia Corporation NV17 GeForce4 420 Go 32M in it. If you experience this error, you’ll better switch briefly on … Leggi tutto

Quake Wars sound delay on Ubuntu

I found my fix without changing pulseaudio configuration (which works fine otherwise) try launching etqw as such: > etqw.x86 +set s_driver oss UPDATE(6/11/2010): on Ubuntu 10.10 the kernel is shipped without OSS support. So unless you are going to compile your own kernel, I suggest you to avoid updating. Good work, Ubuntu, we had 2 … Leggi tutto

hylafax with UFW on Ubuntu

I’m experimenting with Hylafax on my ARM server. I got a seemgly working usb fax (Atlantis Land a01-pu3 v1.2) and I’m playing with it. Hylafax has no problem recognizing the modem, and at first I opened port 4559 on the Hylafax server to permit comunication with the Hylafax client. Unfortuntely I didn’t work. Disabling the … Leggi tutto

Wi-Fi not working after ubuntu hardy upgrade to karmic

I did an upgrade from Hardy to Karmic on an Ubuntu Box that experienced problems with the Atheros PCI wi-fi card in it. The signal was weak (the signal is weak indeed, but it uses to work in Windows, so I expect it to work also in Linux) The box wasn’t upgrade in a while, … Leggi tutto

Toshiba nb 200 wifi kill switch (disable & enable)

I was a bit disappointed last time when I disabled the Wifi under Windows XP and booted from Ubuntu Lucid. The wireless card wasn’t working anymore, with no apparent means to revive it. I had to boot back in Windows and let the magic do his work. I had to find a way to this under Linux without the need for a Microsoft OS and I did

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