Bridge in XP with a Wireless card and promiscous mode vs Ubuntu and low resolution.

It has been some time since my last post, but I have been pretty busy outside computers.

I have some good news there: dirac is now up and running, while fermi (the XP workstation) is presently on a 54000rpm hd.

Dirac gets a new home
Dirac, my NAS

I have had some issue bridging the two (dirac is a NAS, it’s headless and doesn’t need a direct access to the net), so I think this article may be interesting:

Windows XP Home Networking: Building Network Bridges


Bridge May Not Work With a Non-Promiscuous Mode Network Adapter

basically, the bridge seems to work, but the wireless card can’t seem to correctly connect to the AP.
My card is an atheros with the wildpackets driver.

Moreover, I had another strange issue on dirac using  x11vnc. I had a “Ubuntu is in low graphics mode” message on vnc (dirac is headless) and was subsequently unable to login.

I found my fix here:


and added in my xorg.conf the following two lines to the “Monitor” section:

HorizSync 31-101
VertRefresh 60-160

Everything runs fine now.
See ya.

Update: the configuration video hack it doesn’t work very well. See this page instead.
Update:: got to try to set DCC to ‘0’. See here.

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