Some companies are more stupid than others

Amazon deleting regularly bought e-books from kindle at editor request? Must they be out of their mind.
I would not buy a Kindle, nor use it if someone bought it to me,  nor I would buy anything directly produced from Amazon, if those are the policies they enforce toward their clients.  Of course I will strongly discourage anyone buying one. Why
Because a reguarly bought e-book is property of the user as much as a regular book.
No matter what small fonts phrases you put in your EULA, dear Amazon, but deleting some regularly bought content from users devices is no different from sneaking into my house and stealing a book ‘because the editor is no longer willing selling it’ it’s not an excuse. You are free to stop selling it, of course.  You should not, never, ever, hit the damn button ‘rollback’. It’s not an option, unless , of course, you want to drive mad buyers to other companies. Not now, for example, that Apple is coming out with a tablet.
So I guess I’ll stick with paper books for a while, and avoid everything produced by Amazon.
I don’t want to my e-book to power-off every now and then just because Amazon ‘is no longer willing selling E-book readers’.

You screwed that one, as much as Sony did with their rootkits.
-1 viable device to buy, what a pity.