Biometric on iPhone worse than Snakes on a Plane?

Apple has recently spur some controversy with the introduction of a biometric sensor onboard its last flagship product, the iPhone.  When it comes to this topic (governments stealing fingerprints…anyone?), I think that most people are overseeing some  other interesting issues. In my knowledge, available and affordable biometric sensors are known to be quite easy to … Leggi tutto

Some companies are more stupid than others Amazon deleting regularly bought e-books from kindle at editor request? Must they be out of their mind. I would not buy a Kindle, nor use it if someone bought it to me,  nor I would buy anything directly produced from Amazon, if those are the policies they enforce toward their clients.  Of course I … Leggi tutto

Say YES to user-replaceable battery

Apple and the war against the user-replaceable battery by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes — Apple has to be the most high-profile hardware manufacturer on the planet. Whatever it is that comes out of Cupertino is instantly put under intense scrutiny, and as a rule pundits are divided – some love Apple products, while others hate them. … Leggi tutto