Biometric on iPhone worse than Snakes on a Plane?

Apple has recently spur some controversy with the introduction of a biometric sensor onboard its last flagship product, the iPhone.  When it comes to this topic (governments stealing fingerprints…anyone?), I think that most people are overseeing some  other interesting issues. In my knowledge, available and affordable biometric sensors are known to be quite easy to … Leggi tutto


Security firm Syss reports what allegedly seems to me another case of XOR story, speaking of a false sense of security. In an article from H-Security, the reports a serious weakness in some Secure-pendrive certified with the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certificate: During a successful authorisation procedure the program will, irrespective of the password, always … Leggi tutto

‘unhackable’ netbook network

“The appearance of safety was mistaken for safety itself.” (Walter Lord) It seems reasonable to me that the prefix UN- should be banned from the world of computing and technology in general. We have several examples of UN-thingies. RMS Titanic Enigma machine so why not go on with the ‘unhackable’ netbook network “There was no … Leggi tutto