‘unhackable’ netbook network

“The appearance of safety was mistaken for safety itself.” (Walter Lord) It seems reasonable to me that the prefix UN- should be banned from the world of computing and technology in general. We have several examples of UN-thingies. RMS Titanic Enigma machine so why not go on with the ‘unhackable’ netbook network “There was no … Leggi tutto

Fecthing mails ala’ Fetchmail style under Windows (preferably for free…)

If you are given the task to replicate a fetchmail system on a Windows machine, and you cannot rely on cygwin or Vmware, you are probably in a pinch. The situation is similar to this one: you got a fixed space e-mail box that has to be polled often, and gets filled fast. You have … Leggi tutto

Windows, Snort and Barnyard

When installing Snort on Windows […], the requirements include Winpcap and Barnyard. Unfortunately Barnyard for Windows is not that easy to find: as you can read here, you can find a packaged Barnyard for Windows at  http://codecraftconsultants.com/Barnyard/, including source. It may be useful, although not ready for production deployement. Update [12-june-09] Other interesting  Snort over Windows  resources: Sans.org -Securing … Leggi tutto

New hardware, new problems

I recently got some new hardware, and as you can immagine, some issues. Disclaimer: I describe some procedures and link to an external website. I will be not responsible for damages caused by the operations described. I will be not responsible for the external site content or damages caused by the operations described in the … Leggi tutto