Dlink DWL G-132

Update:(09/2010) I made it to work under Linux 32bit. It was rather unspectacular using NDISwrapper. It’s working right now, with no particular problems*.

lsusb gives:

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 2001:3a03 D-Link Corp. [hex] DWL-G132 (no firmware)
I just installed ndisgtk

$ sudo apt-get install ndisgtk

and downloaded the windows drivers from: ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Wireless/dwlg132/Driver/dwlg132_drivers_121.zip

Unzipped them on the desktop, and installed NetA5AGU.inf from ndisgtk (remember to run it with sudo).
NetA5AGU.inf is in Drivers/. I didn’t launch Setup.exe with Wine.
I started working right away with a wonderful 54Mbps connection.
So I don’t have to thinker to install an internal wireless card on this tablet that has a whitelist for permitted wireless cards.

See these two links for a bit of information:



a note on the last one: I didn’t find in the drivers and didn’t install athfmwdl.inf.

* (5/09/2010)Actually I have one. I have to put in the usb thingy after gdm logon. At boot I will freeze everything up. I don’t currently know why. Otherwise it works just fine.

Inside the DWL G132 from D-link. The wi-fi dongle will make a friend of yours happy.
As you’re going to give it to him away for free if you are a 64bit Linux user.


This usb Wi-Fi key, rebranded by TIM alice was given to customers some years ago. At that time, 64bit for consumer use were pratically absent. I had my dwl g-132 from a friend (not running 64 bit linux :D).
The Wi-fi IC is an Atheros 5523. Sadly, it seems there are no amd64/ 64bit/x64 XP professional drivers, so it’s pretty useless under 64 bit linux. Trying to run ndiswrapper with the 32 bit XP driver will complain about the 32bit driver.

It works under Vista 64bit, but Vista driver aren’t supported under ndiswraper so far.

Not providing x64 XP drivers it’s not a Dlink fault, as the dongle is quite old and now discontinued.
Some people claim this dongle has a Marvell chip inside. Mine, at least, it hasn’t, as you can see from the photo. The

Note / Chipset WXP 32bit WXP 64bit Vista 32bit Vista 64bit Linux
Atheros driver for AR5001A - 9× Atheros driver for AR5001A - 1× DRIVER NOT FOUND DRIVER NOT FOUND MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros
Atheros driver for AR5001X - 9× Atheros driver for AR5001X - 1× DRIVER NOT FOUND DRIVER NOT FOUND MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros
Atheros driver for AR5001X+ - 24× Atheros driver for AR5001X+ - 13× DRIVER NOT FOUND DRIVER NOT FOUND MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros
Atheros driver for AR5002G - 24× Atheros driver for AR5002G - 13× Atheros driver for AR5002G - 25× Atheros driver for AR5002G - 22× MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros
Atheros driver for AR5005UG - 4× DRIVER NOT FOUND Atheros driver for AR5005UG - 1× Atheros driver for AR5005UG - 1× MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros
Atheros driver for AR5005UX - 1× DRIVER NOT FOUND Atheros driver for AR5005UX - 1× Atheros driver for AR5005UX - 1× MadWifi Linux driver for Atheros

(from Atheros.cz)

Some people solved the 64bit linux issue by rollbacking to 32bit linux. While I don’t find it clever, if you can’t ditch this old usb key or give it away to a 32bit/XP friend, it’s a chance.
Inside it has an antenna plug,

dwl g-132 antenna plug
dwl g-132 antenna plug

but I didn’t try to see if it’s working.
I will mention a site on external antennas for DWL G-122. It could be handy if you are trying to set hack the exaternal antenna  d-link g132.
Update (02 June 2010): there seems to be a driver for Linux by the Wireless Kernel

Right now it doesn’t compile with my current stock kernel (2.6.32-22-generic)

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  1. Hello everyone, as I posted on Raspbian PI forum, here for completeness:

    For the records I have now a WORKING setup with Dlink (D-Link) DWL-G132 [Atheros AR5523]
    kernel version (uname -r) 3.10.25+ wheezy-raspbian up-to-date (april 16th 2014).

    Made the trick installing firmware-atheros from repository:
    deb http://http.debian.net/debian/ wheezy-backports main contrib non-free


    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

    comment out
    deb http://http.debian.net/debian/ wheezy-backports main contrib non-free

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get remove firmware-atheros (if previously installed)

    sudo apt-get install firmware-atheros

    sudo reboot

    now lsusb does NOT shows DWL-G132 (no firmware) [Atheros AR5532]
    Bus 001 Device 006: ID 2001:3a02 D-Link Corp. DWL-G132 [Atheros AR5523]

    while iwconfig finally does its job.

    Don’t forget to restore previous apt-get sources afterward.


    Greetings from Verona, Italy
    city of Romeo and Juliet 🙂

    • Michele,
      Unfortunately I recently gave away my DWL-G132 and bought a new one for my rPI
      Too late 🙁
      Thank you anyway for your contribuion

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