TomTom *20 battery replacement

Got a new battery for my TomTom and replaced it successifully.
You can try follow the steps outlined here (thanks mikealder), but it’s not so easy.
It’s easy to rip off a track or something or piercing the battery while taking it off the pcd (it’s glued in place by some biadhesive tape). Of course if you blow up something or someone, or just break your device, it’s not my fault. Don’t try the steps outlined in the below link if you don’t feel confident.

So I prefer linking to Pocket GPS world instead of providing step-to-step information.
Scroll just in the middle of the page.

About the Tools needed:

  • x1 Torx T0.6
  • Biadhesive tape (to hold new battery in place)
  • thumbnail or thin sharp object to pry the case open
  • something to rip the battery apart from the PCB dislodging it without piercing (fire or explosion danger) or scratching the PCB.
  • Clean working surface place
  • small container to hold small screws
  • a replacement battery (easy to find on eBay)

I removed the speaker connector (mikealder suggests to do not) with no apparent conseguences… and remember, don’t flex the PCB too much while dislodging the battery. Work your way through it and read the description before starting to open the Tom Tom.
Good Luck.

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