Compiling Google Android for x86 with VMWARE & Ubuntu Linux on Windows

You have Windows but you want to compile Android as well. You can, providing you install VmPlayer and a linux vm appliance. I will not get into this.  I will assume you have an up-t0-date Vmware appliance up and running with reasonable virtual RAM (>1GB) and disk space (>8GB).

Credits for compiling Android in x86 go to the guys at
Disclaimer: you can break, erase, burn, incinerate your gear while attempting the steps outlined below. Restrain from following them if you don’t feel confident. Moreover:  THIS WILL wipe whatever you have installed on your PC and  THIS IS at a rather experimental stage, so don’t expect everything to function appropriately (quoting Beware:The build process produces an installer, not a live image!

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