Linux Kernel 3.6 is here

I had to upgrade a Pangolin Precise to Linux 3.6 to issue a bug on Linux Vs my Logitech mouse. So far I can say: Nvidia_current 295.40 fails to build module in 3.6.0 amd64 (I suspect it would also on i386) Solution: install nvidia-current 304.51 from ubuntu xedgers. Works out of the Box. Vmplayer VMware … Leggi tutto

VMware tools with WMware Player


Brandon Hutchinson has an interesting article on this.

You can basically extract the windows .iso image containing the tools (you can extract the others, linux, freebsde, as well) and mount them as the virtual cd-rom in your appliance instance.

Brad goes the long way using tar and pax, but Window user can try Winrar or other similar tools. Just extract the vmware-distrib/lib/isoimages/directory somewhere and mount the windows.iso image from the player. It will automagically run, and eventually install. An host reboot may be required.

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