Cannot delete/modify protected access point on Symbian S60

I suspect there’s an issue between Wefi and Whatsapp on Symbian (specifically S60 3rd edition, tested on Nokia e51).
I cannot unfortunately recover the Wefi version as I disinstalled it. That’s precisely how troubles began: with Whatsup always running, Wefi failed to delete the Automatic-Wefi access point during uninstall. Turns out that this access point is ‘protected’ and didn’t not find a way to delete it.  A guy on Symbian-freak forums mentions a file to delete (c:\Private\10202BE9\PERSISTS\cccccc00.cre file see the original post here) but unfortunately I cannot access the C:private\ directory on my headset.

The worse is yet to come: did not find a way to connect to ANY other access point (even one that there where working flawlessly before) and the phone was basically useless from the Wifi point of view.
I solved with these steps:

  • Downloaded Wefi manually directly from the site.
  • Transferred the .sisx file on my phone using USB cable
  • Uninstalled Whatsapp
  • Powered off and on the headset
  • Installed Wefi again manually from the .sisx file.
  • Run Wefi.
  • Uninstalled Wefi again.
  • Without Whatsapp locking the access point, Wefi is now able to delete the protected access point it made during installation.
  • Installed Whatsapp.
  • Fun/profit

Now it works again. Before uninstalling anything network related it may be a good idea to uninstall Whatsapp. On the other way, I would like to provide a way to stop the service/program like Wefi does. There are situations like the one described above where having Whatsapp running all the time with no way of stopping it is dangerous and prone to issues.


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