APRS packet interface with Baofeng and Pine A64

Since I was a boy I was intrigued a lot by TNC and packet Radio. In these days a TNC was a serious investment and soundcard weren”t as capable as now, plus we didn’t have (or at least I didn’t) access to programs like Direwolf and the lot. Moreover, I didn’t have access to a serious radio or receiver. Cheap SSB receivers like SDRs and XHDATA D808 were a mere dream. You would have to get a serious radio receiver with BFO and the price tag.
Now everything is simpler, and at arm reach (information and hardware). What you need is: time to fiddle with them.

My adventure with packet radio started with a very simple audio interface.§ This is more a diary for work in progress than a tutorial (there are many, and well made on the tube).
Let’s also state up front that by doing an interface like this you risk a lot damaging your valuable radio and PC. Not by chance I used an old UV3R and let my trusty Yaesu in its bag. As this is not a tutorial, I suggest you don’t follow the advice below and document yourself elsewhere very well before risking damages to your gear.

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