HTC Cricket missing menu button and Taskos

I believe Taskos [] is a a great way to sync with Google Tasks. I usually suggest this to my customers when for any reasons they need to an  alternative to the otherwise excellent Gtasks []. Taskos  has a clean and handy interface, and it’s usually quite bug-free. So I was quite surprised when one … Leggi tutto

UFRaw and Gimp 2.8

UFRaw is a decent and opensource RAW file utility. It works on many platforms and despite the ’80 looking site works quite well with NEF file from Nikon cameras. Moreover, it is fairly well integrated with The GIMP, thanks to a dedicated plugin.  Setting it up on Windows may be tricky, especially regarding the Gimp integration. I found out … Leggi tutto

Biometric on iPhone worse than Snakes on a Plane?

Apple has recently spur some controversy with the introduction of a biometric sensor onboard its last flagship product, the iPhone.  When it comes to this topic (governments stealing fingerprints…anyone?), I think that most people are overseeing some  other interesting issues. In my knowledge, available and affordable biometric sensors are known to be quite easy to … Leggi tutto